Hawkeye® V2 Video Borescopes (4.0 or 6.0 mm dia.)

V2 (4.0 or 6.0 mm dia.)

Diameters: 4 and 6 mm

Fully-portable, 4-way articulating Hawkeye V2 Video Borescopes have flexible, durable, tungsten sheathing, and come complete with video monitor and light source, all in one easy-to-use device. Video and still image capture is quick and easy, and images are stored on SD Memory Cards. Hawkeye V2’s are available in lengths of 1.5, 3.0, and 6.0 meters.

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Luxxor® Portable Camera

Luxxor Portable Camera

When connected to any Hawkeye® Rigid or Flexible Borescope, and most other brands, the Luxxor® Portable Camera delivers sharp, bright video and still images. Borescope inspections can then be viewed “live” and captured, documented, and emailed.

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