Gas Turbines and Borescope Inspections

Gas Turbines and Borescope Inspections

August 3, 2021

From jet planes to compactors in manufacturing plants, heavy machinery plays an integral role in the functionality of our lives. One such piece of machinery, the gas turbine, ensures that we’re provided with A/C, lights, and electricity. It’s vital that equipment like this is evaluated with tools like the borescope so that they stay in excellent condition. Read a little bit about the relationship between gas turbines and borescope inspections to understand how these tiny tools help inspectors maintain such a massive piece of machinery.

What Is a Gas Turbine?

Gas turbines are one the most important types of heavy machinery that you’ve probably never heard of. These behemoth combustion engines are responsible for powering our homes, businesses, neighborhoods, and even entire cities. The gas turbine acts as the heart of a power plant, converting natural gas or other liquid fuels into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy that’s produced then powers a generator that yields the electric power that eventually gets distributed to the rest of the electric grid.

Why Is It Crucial To Inspect Gas Turbines?

Essentially, gas turbines are vital to keeping our lights on. And with such an important job, it’s necessary that this type of equipment is always properly inspected and maintained. When a gas turbine isn’t working properly, it puts the entire power plant in crisis, leading to severe and costly complications down the line. Aside from issues within a plant, in the worst case, a faulty turbine can also cause a power plant to completely shut down, resulting in a massive loss of power to a grid.

Because turbines have vast areas that need examination and because inspecting these parts can be potentially hazardous, it’s important that inspectors use the best tools available to get the job done. While there are numerous tools used to investigate these giants, perhaps one of the most useful is the borescope camera.

What’s the Importance of Borescopes During Turbine Inspection?

Flexible borescopes are used to inspect gas turbines for several reasons. Because of their small size and flexibility, borescopes are able to reach even the most remote and inaccessible areas of an object to evaluate potential risks or damages. Once they get into these places, their fiberoptic cameras can provide inspectors with detailed visual reports on the condition of an area.

Having a clear record of any potential malfunctions or damages within a part gives inspectors the information they need to remedy issues promptly. Additionally, borescopes are particularly useful in gas turbine inspections because of their ability to withstand the high temperatures that a gas turbine produces to run optimally and efficiently.

Understanding which tools best maintain heavy machinery will ensure that your equipment all runs smoothly and at the most optimal levels. Hopefully, this quick overview of gas turbines and borescope inspections has provided some insight into just one of the ways borescopes keep heavy equipment such as turbines in pristine condition.