Rigid Borescopes

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When the entry path is straight…

If you have a straight path, meaning that you do not have to go around any bends, then a rigid borescope is almost always the best choice. Rigids have superior sharpness, durability, and are our most cost-effective scopes.

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Fiberoptic Borescopes

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When the entry path is curved…

Articulating, flexible fiberoptic borescopes are the best choice when you have a curved path. You can quickly inspect complex castings, such as engine blocks and heads, as well as bent tubes such as fuel rails and hydraulic lines.

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Video Borescopes

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Fully portable videoscopes…

Fully-portable, articulating video borescopes have the ability to capture, annotate and document inspection video and still images. They are very valuable for aircraft, diesel, and power gen maintenance, complex castings, and more.

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Video Systems

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Benchtop systems designed for you…

Our account team works with you to create the right combination of borescopes, lighting, and accessories to suit your specific inspection needs! The system may incorporate a video monitor, or, your own laptop computer.

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Choosing a Borescope

With so many different borescopes available on the market, choosing the right scope can be confusing. In this short video, GLC’s Chief Scientist explains each of the different types of borescopes in order to help you choose the best quality, most cost-effective solution for your application. read more

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