Hawkeye® Rigid Borescopes
When the path is straight, Hawkeye Rigids have better image quality, durability, and value!


Hawkeye® Rigid Borescopes:   QUALITY & VALUE  •  ON THE SHELF  •   MADE IN U.S.A.

Every Hawkeye® Pro Rigid Borescope is designed with professional users in mind. These top-of-the-line rigid borescopes deliver bright, clear, detailed, high-contrast images. every Hawkeye Pro Rigid Borescope includes:

• Our latest endoGRINs® image relay lenses
• Multicoated objective lens
• LightConcentrator™ light post
• Independent focusing ring for convenient video and still photography
• Super bright, portable SuperNOVA™ Light, with rechargeable SuperNOVA Lithium-Ion batteries

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In 1995, the first Hawkeye® Precision Borescope broke new ground. Using our newly developed endoGRINs® gradient index lenses, we became able to offer image quality similar to the finest borescopes made anywhere in the world, and do so at one-third the price! Today, Hawkeye® Classic Rigid Borescopes are as great a value as they have always been.

Hawkeye Classic Borescopes are used by building inspectors, technicians, sportsmen, manufacturers, and more. Exceptional value and quality have made Hawkeye® Rigid Borescopes the world leader in sales of rigid borescopes.

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Hawkeye® Blue Fixed-Prism Borescopes offer directions-of-view of 0¡, 30¡, 70¡, and 90¡. They have medium to wide fields-of-view, ranging from 55¡ to 100¡. Use a Hawkeye Blue Fixed-Prism Borescope for particularly large, dark spaces.

Illumination and imaging channels are independent on Hawkeye Blue Rigid Borescopes, increasing image clarity and contrast. In comparison, when borescopes with mirror tubes are used to inspect large, dark areas, the illuminating light and the image can intermix, lowering clarity and contrast if the mirror is not clean.

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Hawkeye® Blue Swing Prism Borescopes have a tiny prism at the tip that pivots, or “swings,” to vary the direction-of-view from 16° to 118°. A ring on the borescope body controls the prism direction. The field-of-view is 45°, so the borescope effectively sees from -7° to 133°. Another ring focuses the borescope, and a third rotates the borescope tube over more than 360°, sideways in any direction, without turning the body.

Diesel engine mechanics use Swing Prism Borescopes to examine cylinders, pistons, and valves. Aircraft engine mechanics use the Swing Prism to locate and investigate FOD (foreign object damage and debris) in jet engines.

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