Hawkeye® V IR Infrared Video Borescopes

Hawkeye® Vir Video Borescope Specifications
Diameter 8.4 mm
Lengths 1.5 and 3.0 meters
Articulation Minimum 150º Up/Down, 150º Right/Left
Field-of-View 55º Diagonal
Depth-of-Field 70 mm - ∞
Sheath 2 mil Tungsten Braid, durable 4-layer construction
IR Illumination 940 nm (Invisible IR Light) Detachable Micro LED with intensity adjustment
White Illumination Visible Detachable Micro LED with intensity adjustment
Display 5" TFT LCD
Camera 1/5” CMOS CCIQ, 640 x 480, .03 Lux Sensitivity
Interfaces Mini USB 1.1 and AV/out
Power DC 5V
Battery 2.5 hr. run time, Rechargeable Lithium
Recording Media SD Card (up to 32GB)
Digital Photo Format JPEG (640 X 480)
Video Format ASF (640 X 480), Playback with Windows Media Player
Operating Temp. Range -10C to +80C
Storage Temp. Range -30C to +60C



Outside Diameter Length Articulation Sheath Model#    Price 
Hawkeye V2 Video Borescopes
8.4 mm 1.5m (4'11") 4-way Tungsten VIR 084 1500 4K $8,995
8.4 mm 3.0m (9'10") 4-way  Tungsten  VIR 084 3000 4K $9,995
V2 Stand NA NA NA V2-Stand $95
V2 Lightsource Batteries NA NA NA V2-LED BAT $10
V2 Lightsource Battery Charger NA NA NA V2-LED CHARGER $25





* All models are usually in stock. However, occasionally due to overwhelming demand, stock levels fluctuate. Please call our sales team for delivery estimates.




  V2 Stand
When you are working on a benchtop location, in a repair station, factory, or foundry, the V2 Stand allows you to set the scope on the benchtop for hands free operation. #V2-Stand . .


    V2 Rigidizer
When you push a flexible scope through a hole in a large open cavity, it is difficult to to direct and orient the scope tip. The V2 Rigidizer tube allows the user to easily direct the scope to whatever you want to see. Available for 4 mm and 6 mm scopes. Length 17", Outside Diameters: 4mm, 0.188" (4.8 mm), 6 mm, 0.313" (8 mm). #'s V2-RT4, or, V2-RT6. . . $195
Hawkeye V2 LED Light Source
The Hawkeye® V2-LED Light Source is the brightest, most efficient,
handheld light source for use with the Hawkeye V2 Video Borescope,
and for use with small diameter borescopes, such as Hawkeye
MicroSlim and MicroFlex borescopes #V2-LED KIT. . .  $775. Get Details

V2 LED Mains     The V2 LED Mains Accessory can replace the V2 batteries with the Mains power module, allowing the user to plug the V2 into any wall socket and run on continuous power. # V2 LED MAINS. . . $295