The new Hawkeye V2 Videoscopes are the perfect videoscope choice when articulation, portability, and easy image capture, are key factors. These high quality, affordably priced video borescopes are much more durable than fiber optic borescopes, low cost, and completely portable. Hawkeye videoscopes come complete with video monitor, light source, and image capture capability, all in one, easy-to-use videoscope.

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Diameters: .130, .157,
.200, .236"

Now Available in a 4-way Articulating 6mm!

Hawkeye Pro Flexible Borescopes have 18,000 optical glass fibers, delivering high resolution images. These professional level scopes also offer 2-way articulation, and 4 choices of diameters.

  • 2-way articulation
  • High resolution - 18,000 fibers
  • Diameters: .130", .157", .200", and .236"
  • DOV directional control and lock
  • Tungsten sheathing

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Turn ANY Hawkeye® Rigid or Flexible Borescope into a video scope by quickly and easily connecting your scope to our new Luxxor® Portable Video Camera (LPC).

Once connected to video, you can view your borescopic inspections on a video monitor, or, desktop or laptop computer. Then, you can capture, store, document and send inspection images via email.

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